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Keeping up on the exterior cleaning maintenance of your home will keep your house feeling bright and clean. Our pressure washing, house washing, and roof cleaning services can be enjoyed every day as you come home to a beautiful and new looking house. Window cleaning, however, provides you with an amazing feeling to enjoy while you’re still inside of your home. You don’t quite realize how much of a joy it is to have clean windows until you’ve had them once, then, you’ll never want to see your windows dirty ever again! Having clean windows allows for the natural light and beauty from outside to be fully enjoyed within the comfort of your home. If you have a gorgeous backyard or beautiful scenery around your home, nothing dampens your view of the wonder around you, as dirty windows can. Your home deserves the luxury of a beautiful view, so go ahead, spoil yourself and your family too, by enjoying clean windows every day!

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, Window Cleaning, MEGAH Pressure Washing

The Benefits Of Our Window Cleaning

– Increase The cleanliness of your home
– Prolong the life of your windows
– Enjoy The beauty around your home
– Let natural light fill your home
– increase your home’s curb appeal
– Sell your home for more money
– Sell your home faster

, Window Cleaning, MEGAH Pressure Washing

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, Window Cleaning, MEGAH Pressure Washing

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How Our Window Cleaning Helps You

Crystal clear windows make your home feel bright and clean. They allow you to enjoy the scenery around your home and let more natural light into your house.

Routine window cleaning prevents your windows from being stained by dirt and hard water deposits. The longer dissolvable solids from water stay on the glass, the more damage these minerals do to your windows. If hard water stains persist on your windows for long enough they can actually etch into the glass, which can no longer be cleaned. A simple and affordable window cleaning once or twice a year will keep your windows looking great for you to enjoy and also prolong the life and integrity of your windows.

We utilize pure water technology in our window cleaning services. We start by filtering water through our de-ionization system and then pump that pure water through a water fed pole and gently agitate your windows with a nylon brush. After we have cleaned the dirt and gunk off of your windows, we will continue to rinse the window with pure water leaving behind no dirt and no dissolvable solids within the water. So when the water evaporates it dries spot-free leaving behind no spots and no streaks.
We promise to provide you a spot free and streak free window cleaning service. We also promise our window cleaning staff will be friendly and courteous to you and your home. On the off chance that our window cleaning process may have left some spots behind, we will immediately re-clean any windows needed absolutely for free. 

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