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Here in the CSRA we sure do get to enjoy some of God’s wonderful creation. From the river to the lush environment we live in, there is beauty and nature all around us. Well, the same climate that allows all of the beautiful plant life to thrive here is also the same environment, unfortunately, that allows for algae, moss, and lichen to grow all over our properties. Fortunately, we have a simple solution to these plaguing eye sores! Our pressure washing and soft washing services are an effective solution to tackle any dirt and grime that may be causing your home to look unappealing. With our services we can quickly restore the appearance of your property and bring your curb appeal to a ’10’ in just one day! We love helping residents of Augusta and surrounding areas enjoy their homes to the fullest. If you need a reliable team of pressure washers to help you revive your property or prepare your home for sale, count on us to tackle any cleaning services you may need. Be your home’s hero and get the cleanest property on the block!

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, Pressure Washing Augusta, MEGAH Pressure Washing

The Pains of DIY Pressure Washing

If you’ve tried pressure washing yourself,
you’ve probably dealt with these issues:

– Operating Complicated equipment
– Regulating water temperatures
– Using a safe amount of pressure
– Damaging Your Siding Or Windows
– Mixing the Right amount of Soap
– leaving behind hard water stains
– Leaving Streak Lines In Concrete
– Trying to Buy A Decent Washer

, Pressure Washing Augusta, MEGAH Pressure Washing

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, Pressure Washing Augusta, MEGAH Pressure Washing

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, Pressure Washing Augusta, MEGAH Pressure Washing
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, Pressure Washing Augusta, MEGAH Pressure Washing

How Our Pressure Washing Helps You

Pressure washing isn’t just about curb appeal, it’s about health and sanitation. Because Augusta and the whole Central Savannah River Area experiences high humidity, and coastal moisture – its houses are at risk for not just mold and fungi, but also algae growth. This can be a health hazard that we can wash away with our routine pressure washing services. The benefits are threefold, we can help you make your home look new again for your family while protecting your home and your families health.

Every house is different, which is why no single method or technique will work across all pressure washing projects. We blend and bend techniques to make your house look just like new while ensuring the safety of your home first and foremost. Our soap and detergent solutions, water temperatures and equipment load-out is customized to every single specific pressure washing job we complete. Your home deserves specific attention and strategy in order to provide the highest quality pressure washing possible!

A pressure washer can use up to 4 gallons of water a minute. So if you’re not trained in using the tools efficiently, it’s easy to waste a lot of water very quickly. In addition, we use the safest soaps and detergents for the environment, while still maintaining enough strength to get the job done. We also use a deluded mix of sodium hypochlorite in order to effectively deep clean your home. If a pressure washing company is not expertly trained in using these cleaning solutions they could damage your home and be a harm to themselves and the environment. Don’t risk the safety of your home and more importantly don’t put your own health at risk. Trust the professionals to properly provide the right pressure washing that you need.
We don’t just bring labor, but industry-leading expertise in the field. Aluminum, stucco, brick, and vinyl siding all have very different concerns and different needs. A riverside house will have more algae than a house further from the waters. Houses tucked away in shade have to worry about moss on the northern face. Because we’ve been leading the charge in the pressure washing industry for quite some time, we’ve been around to see it all. We have the knowledge, tools, and team to tackle any pressure washing job imaginable. If you’re ready to make your home look new again and need a reliable and trustworthy pressure washing team to do the job, look no further, we are here for you! Start with an instant quote for your pressure washing by clicking here. We guarantee you the best pressure washing EVER or your money back!

We Offer Any Kind Of Pressure Washing You May Need!

concrete pressure washing augusta

Concrete Cleaning

We can restore all of your pavements and concrete surfaces. From your driveway to you back patio we can bring the appearance of your concrete surfaces back to new. We utilize commercial grade surface cleaners to thoroughly clean your concrete without leaving any streaks.

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deck pressure washing

Deck Cleaning

You don't need to replace your decking, you may not even need to re-stain your deck. You would be so surprised how a simple pressure washing of your deck can be so effective. Our deck washing will bring the beauty of your wooden deck back to it's original look and grandeur.

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fence cleaning pressure washing

Fence Cleaning

Whether you have wooden or vinyl fencing, algae and grime will both alike take over these surfaces in time. There's no need to worry though, we can clean these surfaces easily and safely by utilizing the perfect mix of pressure and powerful cleaning detergents.

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rust removal pressure washing

Rust Removal

Rust stains on your home or your driveways are one of the most difficult stains to clean and many pressure washing companies don't even offer this service. We have the cleaning solutions to safely remove rust without causing any damage. For a fast quote, please call us to describe your rust issues.

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View The Dramatic Results

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, Pressure Washing Augusta, MEGAH Pressure Washing

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