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Every business and corporation knows the importance of looking your best and making a great first impression. Well, before any person ever steps onto your business premises or comes into your store, they first make a judgment about your establishment by the way your business looks. Dirty walkways covered in algae or stomped in gum is no way to make your business inviting or appealing. Many property managers and business owners find it difficult to keep up on all the various exterior cleaning they need. That’s why we offer ourselves as a partner to your business. We want to help keep your business looking great and help you succeed. You can count on us to be your reliable and dependable team to handle all of your exterior cleaning needs, whether it’s pressure washing, building washing, gutter cleaning, roof washing or window cleaning. From your parking lot to the top of your building we can handle all of your cleaning needs.

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, Commercial Pressure Washing, MEGAH Pressure Washing
, Commercial Pressure Washing, MEGAH Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

Our commercial pressure washing services will beautify even the most dreadful looking properties. If you need your business to stay in Tip-Top shape and look its best then our pressure washing service will be of great value to you. You can use us on an on-call basis whenever you feel that your property needs a little TLC or you can set it and forget it. By scheduling routine pressure washing services, we ensure your property always looks its best and you never have to worry about it 

Commercial Building Washing

Many properties may use their own in-house maintenance to handle minor pressure washing jobs here and there. However, when it comes to washing a building it takes a bit more expertise and professional grade equipment. We have the knowledge and the right equipment to wash your building from head to toe, even if your building is three stories tall. Not only that, we guarantee our results to last. We will provide you a thorough and spotless building wash service and guarantee that the algae and grime be completely eliminated.

, Commercial Pressure Washing, MEGAH Pressure Washing
, Commercial Pressure Washing, MEGAH Pressure Washing

Types of properties we pressure wash

Commercial centers often need routine pressure washing due to the amount of foot traffic they receive. Walkways and sidewalks quickly become dirty and afflicted with gum. Our team can quickly pressure wash all of your concrete surfaces and remove any rust or oil stains in your parking lots, making your place of business clean, inviting and professional.

Gas stations not only need frequent pressure washing services to keep the business looking great but also because of serious safety concerns. Every time a car parks to get gas, oil and other liquids from vehicles are left behind to accumulate on the ground. If these oil stains are not frequently cleaned they impose a serious fire hazard at any gas station.

Since all of the exterior cleaning of an apartment or condominium is the sole responsibility of the HOA and property managers, residents expect these services to be done regularly and to be done well. Most of the time the landscaping and the pool cleaning services are done regularly because these are low-cost services. We often see many apartments or multi-family homes go neglected for years without the pressure washing services the severely need. This may be because property managers have a hard time finding reliable pressure washing companies to count on. We are here to be your go-to team whenever you need us, we promise to never let you down.

Some churches are small and some much bigger. Smaller churches may be even really old with years upon years of algae growth taking over the building, while some larger churches are new, but have so much square footage to keep clean it becomes a daunting task. Every church is different and has it’s own set of unique cleaning needs. So whether you need to completely bring back to life the exterior of a hundred-year-old church or keep up on the maintenance of a mega church, or even clean those steeples that reach up to 50 ft in the sky, whatever the case may be our commercial pressure washing and building washing services can be of great help to you and your staff.

Whether it be elementary, middle or even the dreadful high school campus, our pressure washing services are a great solution to your school’s upkeep. With hundreds or thousands of students on each campus, the cleanliness of the property can quickly go downhill. Our commercial pressure washing services can keep your school looking its best by removing all grime, dirt, algae, and gum from your walkways and patios.

If you have a large commercial property that needs routine exterior maintenance, call us today to set up a free, on-site consultation. We provide many pressure washing and exterior cleaning services that can free up the time of your staff and keep your grounds in tip-top shape. Commercial cleaning services we can avail to you include: walkway cleaning, driveway cleaning, parking lot pressure washing, gum removal, rust removal, dumpster pad cleaning, oil stain removal, building washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and more. We have a ten man team that can tackle any size project needed.

, Commercial Pressure Washing, MEGAH Pressure Washing

Commercial Gutter Cleaning

The one aspect of a commercial building that most likely gets neglected is the gutters. Many commercial properties don’t even have gutters but some shopping centers do and of course, condominiums and apartments always need gutter cleaning services. Give us a call today and we will gladly come out to your property to do a free on-site inspection and provide you a quote addressing the areas that you need gutter cleaning. We can also provide to you routine gutter cleaning services to ensure that no damage is done by having your gutters neglected again in the future.

Commercial Window Cleaning

There’s nothing quite like the appearance of a beautiful business with large windows that are sparkling clean. Talk about a good impression. We provide spot free window cleaning up to three stories with our water fed pole technology. We don’t need to lug ladders around your property causing concern for safety and well-being. Rather, we can provide all of our window cleaning services safely from the ground. If you want to make your business sparkle, give us a call for a free consultation today.

, Commercial Pressure Washing, MEGAH Pressure Washing

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